Mathias Ockenfels

Special guest

Mathias eats and breathes marketplaces. He is a partner at Speedinvest, one of Europe’s leading Venture Capital funds. The fund has it’s headquarters in Vienna and just recently raised its latest fund of €190m in the beginning of 2020. Mathias runs Speedinvest x, a €25m focus fund investing into network effects and marketplaces.

Previously he was a General Manager for the German market at Uniplaces, an international marketplace for student accommodation. Before that, Mathias built out the marketplace-practice at Berlin-based Point Nine Capital, an early stage fund focusing on SaaS and marketplaces, where he was a Principal for 4 years. Previously, Mathias led the M&A-department of Ricardo Group, then a subsidiary of South African Naspers, that operates several online marketplace, classifieds and auction businesses across Europe. Earlier, he started his career as an Investment Analyst & Manager at Mountain Partners Group in Zurich, where he lead early stage investments in companies such as Lieferando or reBuy.

Mathias holds a German-French double-diploma from European School of Business Reutlingen and Neoma Business School Reims. Knowing Germany’s capital city like the back of his hand, Mathias now leads Speedinvest`s Berlin office as a Partner at Speedinvest x.

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