Episode 12

Vedika Jain - Hustle your way into VC, picking your boss, from Stripe to Weekend Fund, and More


February 11th, 2020

35 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

Vedika Jain (@vedikaja_in) is an investor and Chief of staff at Weekend Fund, an early stage venture capital fund that is backing your next favorite thing. Previously she worked for high profile startups like Stripe and True Layer.

Weekend Fund was started in 2017 by Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt (an amazing site to discover new products. Product Hunt was acquired in 2016 by AngelList). While Ryan and Vedika invest broadly, they are particularly excited about distributed/remote working, audio/voice technology, and tools for creators/makers. The fund invests in early stage startups with check sizes ranging from $75K to $200K. Limited partners of the fund include high profile venture capitalists Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Ben Rubin, Chris Sacca, Hunter Walk, Kevin Rose, Garry Tan, and others.

Vedika has a really interesting background story and approach how she made her way into "the wonderful world of venture capital". In this episode you will hear about her tactics how she got into VC and general career advice for picking the right companies & startups to work for. In addition, you will learn more about Weekend Fund, Vedika’s favorite books & blogs, and much more!

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Show notes:

  • 03:48 -- Who is Vedika & Intro
  • 04:55 -- How Vedika became fascinated with technology and startup investing
  • 07:08 -- How Vedika joined two fast growing tech startups - Stripe and True Layer
  • 09:45 -- Vedika’s lessons learnt for picking your first jobs / companies
  • 13:00 -- Writing personal investment memos and how to "hustle" your way into Venture Capital
  • 18:05 -- Vedika’s investment areas and future trends
  • 20:57 -- How Vedika met Ryan Hoover and joined Weekend Fund
  • 22:35 -- Starting your own fund vs. joining an existing VC
  • 25:16 -- Introduction to Weekend Fund
  • 28:16 -- Favorite books and resources for aspiring VCs
  • 30:41 -- Vedika’s favorite non-entrepreneurship related books
  • 32:07 -- Most worthwhile investment of Vedika

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