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Anne-Laure Le Cunff - Mindful productivity - How Ness Labs became the leading learning platform that empowers makers to do their best work while keeping their sanity

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff (@anthilemoon) is the Founder of Ness Labs, an award-winning productivity & learning community and venture studio building products that focus on mindful productivity, wellness, creativity, and culture. She is an ex-Googler, MSc of Applied Neuroscience candidate at King's College, member of the Society for Neuroscience, and certified Mental Health First Aider accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Her work has been featured in WIRED, Forbes, FT, Rolling Stone, and more. Every week, she sends a newsletter to thousands of mindful makers with practical content at the intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship.

She is half-French, half-Algerian. Anne-Laure was born in Paris, sold French wine in New York, studied in Tokyo, worked at Google in San Francisco, and started her company Ness Labs in London.

In this episode you will hear the origin story of Ness Labs, we discuss fascinating topics such as the concept of time anxiety, and you hear Anne-Laure’s advice for anyone that wants to start & grow a content community. I found this episode incredibly interesting and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Show notes:

  • 01:54 -- Intro of Anne-Laure Le Cunff
  • 02:42 -- Anne-Laure’s personal background and travels
  • 04:49: -- How Anne-Laure became interested in the human mind and neuroscience
  • 07:12 -- Ness Labs: What is it and who is it for
  • 11:18 -- The origin story of Ness Labs. How Anne-Laure Le Cunff built a learning platform for mindful productivity
  • 14:34 -- Lessons learned from a previous startup failure
  • 18:41 -- Tips on growing your audience and community
  • 20:43 -- Working with the garage door open
  • 22:03 -- Positive highlight of Ness Lab’s journey so far
  • 23:28 -- Ness Labs as a remote-first company
  • 26:13 -- Time Anxiety. What is it and how do we best counteract it?
  • 31:22 -- Top recommended articles on Ness Labs
  • 32:12 -- Key learnings from starting an online learning community
  • 34:19 -- Ness Lab’s newest product
  • 35:37 -- Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s favorite book
  • 35:55 -- Anne-Laure's best personal investment
  • 37:08 -- Anne-Laure’s advice to her younger self
  • 38:17 -- What courage means to Anne-Laure

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