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Daniel Naeff - Disrupting Venture Capital & How to make better decisions as a founder


June 17th, 2019

1 hr 2 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Daniel Naeff is the founder of Oakura, a platform where curated startups and vetted experts engage to create next generation businesses. We’ll get into what this actually means in the episode. He also served as the COO of Teralytics, one of Switzerland’s leading data analytics startups. He is also on the board of directors of the ETH Alumni - one of the world’s top 10 universities.
We’ll take about bootstrapping vs. funding your company via venture capital, how to make smarter decisions as a founder, hiring the best team, favorite books, and much more.

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Show notes:
01:52 -- How and why Daniel got into entrepreneurship
07:50 -- Daniel’s time at MIT and how he got there
09:22 -- Recommendations and reasons for studying abroad
11:02 -- Diamond Heels - Daniel’s first startup
15:30 -- Teralytics and Daniel’s role
17:45 -- What is the right type of funding for your startup & how Venture Capital (VC) is broken
22:30 -- Why Daniel left Teralytics & next steps
24:20 -- Using insights to help out the next generation of startups
26:40 -- How Oakura started - Using blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional VC model
29:19 -- How to decide if you should continue or stop your current project - “Think in different scenarios”
30:20 -- Leveraging Essentialist thinking and the concept of “sunk costs” to help making important life decisions
33:20 -- Tips on hiring and assembling the best team
36:34 - Should you start a company with your friends or not?
40:00 -- What does Oakura mean
41:50 -- What’s the purpose of Oakura and how it could revolutionize the venture industry
49:20 -- How Oakura is tokenizing startup equity
51:18 -- Daniel’s favorite books
53:30 -- Unique hobbies and how to distract your mind from the daily entrepreneurial work
55:48 -- Thought experiments
58:25 -- Advice to your younger self / university students
1:00:00 -- Closing thoughts

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