Episode 5

Nilson Kufus - From figure skating champion to building a digital mirror world


July 15th, 2019

46 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

Nilson Kufus (@NilsonKufus) is one of the co-founders of Nomoko, a technology company that is building photorealistic 3D models of entire cities. Their technology enables applications for various industries like self-driving cars, gaming, or urban planning. Nilson obtained a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences from the University College Maastricht and is also a former Swiss figure skating champion.

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Show notes:
02:24 -- Who is Nilson Kufus
05:23 -- How Nilson got into starting his own venture
09:49 -- How moving out and living abroad helps you develop critical skills for entrepreneurship
11:22 -- What is Nomoko and how they want to enable the 4th industrial revolution
14:33 -- Idea finding and first steps as a company
18:40 -- Financing of Nomoko
19:44 -- How Nilson dealt with manufacturing hardware needed to enable their core data product
25:17 -- Manufacturing in-house vs. outsourcing
26:42 -- Most exciting use cases of the Nomoko mirror world
28:37 -- Current status of development - which cities already have a digital twin
33:00 -- Key takeaways from 4 years of entrepreneurship
38:48 -- Nilson’s favorite knowledge resources
41:25 -- Nilson’s advice to his younger-self
41:00 -- What does courage mean to Nilson

Resources mentioned:

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