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Advice and stories from daring European entrepreneurs & investors to help you take the leap!

The Leap Takers Blog

This post marks the start of the Leap Takers blog, where I want to briefly share some of the goals and reasons why I started this project in the first place.

In the Leap Takers podcast, I interview daring entrepreneurs, investors, and other shapers with the goal of extracting valuable advice, recommendations, and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, college graduates, & anyone that wants to "take the leap" in their life. Next to the learning aspect, the interviews should be a fun way for the audience to hear about cool startups & products, get to know the founders better, and learn about interesting books & resources.

While in the podcasts the guests are the main focus of attention, I’m planning to share more of my own views on the startup world, investing, and “leap taking” in all its forms in this *blog post format. *

I’m going to focus my writing on the following thematic areas:

  • Startup investing: ** My thinking about the wonderful world of Venture Capital, incl. a simulated **seed fund portfolio that I’m “managing”.
  • Cool products: Short profiles of interesting new products that I’ve discovered. This will be very wide-ranging - from mushroom coffee (Four Sigmatic) to cool travel gear (Nomatic).
  • Professional “leap taking”: Posts about entrepreneurship, productivity tips, helpful resources and books to take the leap into entrepreneurship or your next life adventure.
  • Personal “leap taking”: My advice and thinking on topics around personal development, as well as practical trips in areas of moving abroad, travel, enjoying life etc.

Having said what I’ll write about, you might still wonder.. why is Remo doing this?
The answer is simple! I’m a very curious person and I love to learn, find & try out new products, and have discussions with founders / investors about their visions of the world and where it’s going.

As a startup investor, I’m able to do all of these things. By investing in companies that operate in spaces where the future is heading, VCs can support the founders and companies of tomorrow, and have a lasting positive impact on the world.

I’m currently already doing that for the Fintech space in my role as an investment manager at Tamedia Ventures. However, my personal mid-to-long-term goal is to raise my own seed VC fund to support founders in areas that I feel are underserved so far in today’s world (especially in Europe). More to that in a separate blog posts. :)

So next to showcasing cool products and promising startups for investing (in my view), I hope to exchange with like-minded investors and founders.

Lastly, the Leap Takers project should serve as a source of inspiration & knowledge for people that want more out of life, who might struggle with career decisions, who want to have a lasting impact, or who want to chart their own path to success.

In the end, everything I plan to put together here - be it blog posts, interviews, or other resources, are bits of wisdom that I wished I had when I was younger.
I hope that this will be valuable to some of you.