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Build your startup with NoCode tools - List of 30 top NoCode tools

Have you ever wanted to start your own startup, your personal online side-project, or build an app?
But yeah... you forgot, you never learned how to code and you lack the coding experience... so you quickly gave up again!
Not anymore. There is a solution now!

--> Enter the world of NoCode.

In the last few years we 've seen a rise of so called "NoCode tools" that allow anyone to build websites, apps, online stores, and products online. These tools make it very easy to start creating without any (or much) coding skills at all. I recently started diving into this whole world of "NoCode". To make it easier for other makers, I put together my personal top 30 NoCode tools in an Airtable below.
-> You can easily filter and look for the perfect tool for your personal use case. No more excuses to get started:

  • Do you want to build a mobile app? No problem. Try out "Glide", "Thunkable," or one of the many other tools in the list.
  • Want to sell something online? "Shopify", "Weebly", or "Wix" has you covered.
  • Ever wanted to become a writer? Start writing and charging money for it online with "Substack".

If you want to be fancy, you can even rebuild clones of popular webapps like Airbnb or Tinder. Apps running on the web like these can be built with Webapp tools like "Webflow" or "Bubble".

This and a lot more is all possible today in the world of #NoCode tools. You don't need to be a developer and no coding skills are required. Have a look at the list below to get a comprehensive overview of the top NoCode tools.

List of the top 30 NoCode tools for (non-technical) makers & entrepreneurs:

(Scroll down for my personal top 5 NoCode tools!) Note: This list does not include NoCode tools for podcasting. This is a separate topic for itself.

My personal top 5 NoCode tools :

1. Airtable:

I use Airtable mainly to collect and summarize data, such as this NoCode Tools list. It's like a spreadsheet, but with a lot more powerful features. In the future, I even plan to also use it as the backend / CMS (Content Management System) of a new project I am working on.

Airtable is very innovative and easy to use. I had no problems switching from Google Sheets. It's free to get started, and you probably don't need a paid plan in the beginning. They also offer a wide range of templates to chose from, which might already match your use case. So have a look there first. Airtable also has a marketplace with many apps that extend its functionality.

2. Buy Me a Coffee:

I recently was asked by a friend if there is any way people can donate something for the work I'm doing with the podcast. I had to say no, unless you wanted to buy me a coffee/beer in-person. But I thought it's actually a good idea to offer people the possibility to donate something if they get some value out of the podcast or these articles.

Meet "Buy Me a Coffee"! It's a simple tool that allows anyone (creators, artists, podcasters) to accept one-off support and membership from their fans. It was very easy to setup. Within an hour I had everything setup, customized the text, and integrated it to this website. You just need a Stripe or Paypal account to start accepting donations. The only downside is that you can only accept major currencies like USD or EUR so far (no CHF as its used here in Switzerland). If you want to see how it works, just have a look at the bottom right of the sceen and click on the coffee cup (or click here) 😊

3. Mailchimp:

Probably the first "NoCode" tool I've used. In most side projects and startups it's often good to build a community first and start building a list of potential customers. With Mailchimp, you can very easily start creating email lists and send out email marketing campaigns. So if you sign up for my newsletter to get notified about the newest podcast episodes and useful resources, auch as this one, I do that with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp also allows you to integrate email newsletter signup forms (see here at the bottom 😉) on your website (via a code snippet --> just copy & paste) and it also offers email collection popups (like the one I use on the LeapTakers website).

Furthermore, Mailchimp has a whole lot more features that I don't use, but which you might find valuable. This includes the option to build landing pages for your business. Find out more on their website.

4. Webflow:

Webflow is the newest addition to my list of NoCode tools that I'm using. Basically Webflow is aNoCode responsive web-design tool. With it's visual builder you can create your own website, blogs, ecommerce platform. It also includes a CMS and offers the option to build web apps (interactions, users can add, change, and manipulate website data etc.).

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated than a simple website builder, I can highly recommend Webflow. I just started a couple of days ago with it, but I really like it so far. I'm currently working on a new side project, and I plan to build it on Webflow. If you are interested on what I'm building, just follow me on Twitter where I will post more once I have something to show.

Webflow also has a wide range of resources, tutorials, and videos (e.g. Webflow University) to learn how to use the platform. They official videos are quite entertaining as well! 😁 What's cool as well is that you get started for free and you only pay once you launch the website / webapp. So you can take however long you need to build it, and then only start paying once you publish it (and link it to a custom domain).

If you are looking just to build a website, have a look at Wix, Landen, or Dorik.

5. Zapier:

Last but not least - Zapier! If you haven't heard about this tool yet, then you are in for a treat.
Zapier allows easy automation of tasks for busy people. So what does that mean?

Zapier moves info between your web apps that you use daily automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. They have integrated over 2'000 apps, such as Gmail, Google Sheets, Calendar, Twitter, Slack, and many more. So with a few simple clicks you can setup triggers and actions to automate recurring actions. This allows you to setup workflows across apps and to finish routine tasks automatically. Examples could be that you set up a "Zap" that automatically adds subscribers to Mailchimp for new Google Sheets rows, or you save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive. The possibilities are limitless.

I'm personally also still at the beginning of my journey with Zapier, but it's an immensively powerful tool that I plan to start using more in the future.


The NoCode revolution is here. Anyone can now build and create website, apps, mobile games, ecommerce stores, webapps, newsletters, and other (side)-businesses now without any coding skills.
So for example if you are a founder in Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe, by leveraging NoCode tools you can easily start your own startup or side project. NoCode is also a great way to build a first prototype for your startup and to test it.

If you are interested to learn more, feel free to filter through my airtable list above, and to get inspired for your next project.

Let me know if you build something cool. Happy building! 🙌