Arman Anatürk

Special guest

Arman is the founder and CEO of FoodHack. FoodHack a community-driven platform that inspires, highlights and connects food entrepreneurs and innovators. With FoodHack Arman is is building the 21st century media / events company for the foodtech industry. Their offering includes a weekly food & food tech newsletter, ambassador run meet-ups, an annual FoodHack Summit. Furthermore, FoodHack newly introduced a food discovery board in 2020 - think of “Product Hunt of Food” , where innovative food tech startups are featured (

Arman’s goal with FoodHack is to make it easier for impact driven food founders to access the resources, network and knowledge they need to successfully launch and grow their Food (tech) business. The FoodHack newsletter has over 100+ editions sent and over 5k+ happy readers.

Arman also hosts "The Secret Sauce" Podcast, where he provides insights from food industry leaders (

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