Christian Jantzen

Special guest

Christian is the founder of, a micro-fund investing in Nordic pre-seed companies. He made his first investment at age fourteen when he bought shares in his favorite football club. He later started his first company, a real estate company, in 2011, which he grew while studying at university. Following his masters degree in Finance from Aarhus Universit , he co-founded another startup “Reunited Esports, which was a player-owned Esports organisation with teams competing in Overwatch and Rocket League.

Futuristic VC is an early-stage fund investing initial capital into the next generation of Nordic founders. They have invested in +20 companies across the entire region and helped founders secure follow-on funding from some of the strongest investors in Europe.

Christian also regularly blogs and shares his opinion about the state of entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in Europe on Medium.

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