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Christian Jantzen - Path to becoming one of the youngest VCs in Europe, starting an eSports team, and Futuristic VC

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Christian (@chrjantzen) is the founder of Futuristic.vc, a micro-fund investing in Nordic pre-seed companies. He made his first investment at age fourteen when he bought shares in his favorite football club. He later started his first company, a real estate company, in 2011, which he grew while studying at university. Following his masters degree in Finance from Aarhus University , he co-founded another startup “Reunited Esports", which was a player-owned Esports organisation with teams competing in Overwatch and Rocket League.

In 2017 he founded Futuristic VC, an early-stage VC fund investing initial capital into the next generation of Nordic founders. He has invested in +20 companies across the entire region and helped founders secure follow-on funding from some of the strongest investors in Europe.

If you’re interested in starting your own company while studying / after graduating, or if you’re interested in the world of Micro VC’s, I’m sure you will find this episode very interesting and valuable. We talk about Christian’s path to starting Futuristic VC, his experience from starting an eSports company, fundraising advice, his best investment, and more!

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“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”

  • Jean-Luc Godard

Show notes:

  • 02:43: Who is Christian & Intro
  • 03:46: How Christian became fascinated with company and startup investing
  • 06:40: Christians favorite football club
  • 07:18: How Christian got into startups
  • 10:01: Christians first experience as a founder
  • 12:20: Christians startup company “REUNITED e-sports”
  • 15:23: Christians approach to find an e-sports team and collaborate with them
  • 16:42: Business model of an e-sports company
  • 17:56: Christians decision to start a VC fund and the origin story of Futuristic
  • 21:13: Fundraising and LP base of Futuristic VC
  • 24:46: Overview of Futuristic VC
  • 28:05: How Futuristic VC built up its deal flow and identifies startups to invest in
  • 32:44: Learnings for startup investors
  • 34:59: Learnings for startup founders
  • 37:34: Best Investment of Christian Jantzen
  • 38:52: What does courage mean to Christian
  • 39:58: Wrap-up

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