Episode 18

Heidi Lindvall - From documentary filmmaker to investing in ClimateTech startups with Pale Blue Dot VC


September 11th, 2020

38 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

Heidi Lindvall (@HeidiLindvall) is one of the founders and a general partner at Pale Blue Dot. Pale Blue Dot is a seed stage ClimateTech VC investing in reducing and reversing the effects of climate change and preparing for a new world. They invest tickets of €200k - €2M, in pre-seed and seed-stage companies based in Europe and US.

Heidi Lindvall previously co-founded Storygami, an online video company that increases viewers engagement & helped monetize content. She also founded CODOC, an award winning video production company. She has a background in Media and Human Rights and has studied for two degrees in the field in London.

In this episode you hear how Heidi made her way from being a documentary filmmaker into the world of Venture Capital (VC). We also discuss her learnings from being an entrepreneur and what areas in ClimateTech she is most excited about to help save the planet. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Show notes:

  • 01:48 -- Introduction of Heidi Lindvall
  • 02:21 -- Description of Pale Blue Dot and the goal of the VC fund
  • 04:26 -- How Heidi got in touch with the world of startups & tech
  • 07:16 -- Documentary movies created by Heidi Lindvall
  • 07:54 -- How Storygami - a online video SaaS product - was born
  • 10:20 -- What is the right moment for a startup to start looking for investors
  • 11:33 -- From Storygami to joining accelerators, becoming an investor, and the origin story of Pale Blue Dot VC
  • 19:15 -- What is ClimateTech and in what areas does Pale Blue Dot invest in
  • 22:35 -- Investment target & fund characteristics of Pale Blue Dot
  • 23:50 -- Public investments of Pale Blue Dot VC
  • 24:41 -- The role of regulation in the ClimateTech sector
  • 26:27 -- Learnings from raising a VC fund in Europe
  • 29:35 -- Heidi’s advice and tips for (aspiring) entrepreneurs
  • 32:03 -- Book that had a big personal impact on Heidi’s life
  • 33:07 -- Resources for people interested in the climate & tech space
  • 34:17 -- Heidi’s most worthwhile investment
  • 35:24 -- Advice to your younger self
  • 36:10 -- What courage means to Heidi

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