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Tobias Gunzenhauser - How to build a D2C company & the story of yamo - fresh organic baby food

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Tobias Gunzenhauser (@TobGunzenhauser) is the CEO and one of the three co-founders of yamo.

yamo is Europe's first digital native vertical brand that produces fresh organic baby and children food. The company launched in 2017 in Switzerland with their first product of baby purees. In the meantime, yamo is also sold in "Coop", one of Switzerland's largest retailers.

All of yamo’s products are 100% organic, natural and free from additives. They developed every recipe together with dozens of helpful moms, dads, their little ones, nutritionists and pediatricians.

In the summer of 2020, yamo raised a €10M Series A.

You will hear the fascinating origin story of yamo, tips around production & manufacturing, how to find a good production partner, advice on online stores, and much more!

Show notes:

  • 02:15 -- Introduction of Tobias
  • 02:43 -- The origin story of yamo. How the founders came up with the idea for a baby food company
  • 07:45 -- Starting a company on the side vs. quitting and going all in
  • 11:53 -- How yamo started producing their first product
  • 15:39 -- The benefits of a production partner vs. producing yourself
  • 16:55 -- How to find a good production partner
  • 19:42 -- How yamo solved the problem of high minimum orders combined with limited capital to manufacture their product
  • 20:57 -- yamo’s approach to distribution and setting up their online store
  • 24:41 -- The state of the eCommerce infrastructure & online store integrations in Switzerland
  • 26:15 -- Overview of yamo’s product offering and their newest innovative product
  • 30:36 -- Tobias’ key learnings from starting yamo
  • 33:09 -- How to test your D2C business idea
  • 35:01 -- Tobias’ favorite book
  • 35:37 -- Another favorite D2C product of Tobias
  • 36:01 -- Advice to your younger self
  • 36:58 -- What courage means to Tobias
  • 38:01 -- Info about yamo

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