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Patrick Gobonya - Building a sustainable eSports organization with Ovation eSports to deliver the next-generation fan experience

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Patrick Gobonya is one of the co-founders of Ovation eSports. Ovation was founded in Zurich / Switzerland in February 2020, and is the first sustainable eSports organization. Ovation is "a lit, young & dynamic pioneer which combines professionalism and fun in one team. A network platform of champs and eSports enthusiasts."

Ovation accompanies and develops athletes on their journey to become leading eSports players. The company is committed to provide their athletes with support to protect their mental and physical well-being and offers an environment to master a successful future following a career in eSports. Ovation eSports AG is a Swiss team consisting of players from the DACH region and with partnerships all over Europe. Ovation is one of the fastest growing and up-and-coming esports teams in Europe and currently competes in the games of Fortnite and Valorant.

In March 2021, Ovation announced that it has raised a seed round investment from billionaire twin brothers Maurice and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus.

We discuss:

  • The origin story of Ovation
  • Tips for starting an eSports team & scouting talent
  • Sustainability in eSports and gaming as a career track
  • Fundraising advice

Show notes:

  • 02:23 -- Intro of Patrick Gobonya
  • 03:12 -- What is eSports and why is it relevant
  • 05:54 -- Ovation’s fundraise from Maurice und Kyril Louis-Dreyfus
  • 06:56 -- How the investment from the Dreyfus twins in Ovation came to be
  • 11:06 -- How Patrick for the first time got the idea to start his own company and the origin story of Ovation
  • 15:52 -- How Ovation came up with the name for its team
  • 17:16 -- How to start an eSports team, recruiting players, getting into the community
  • 19:50 -- How to scout talent in eSports
  • 22:18 -- Progress of ovation in 2020
  • 24:55 -- Stats and further info about Ovation
  • 28:15 -- Revenue streams of Ovation and eSports teams - how the sponsorship model works
  • 31:48 -- What sustainability means in the context of eSports
  • 34:01 -- Patrick’s learnings from building an eSports brand
  • 35:22 -- Trends in the eSports space
  • 36:58 -- Patrick’s favorite game
  • 37:42 -- Patrick Gobonya’s advice to younger self
  • 38:22 -- Open browser tabs
  • 39:20 -- What courage means to Patrick

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