Episode 7

Andreas Schwarzinger - Lessons from building Switzerland's leading student platform


September 10th, 2019

51 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Andreas Schwarzinger (@a_schwarzinger) is the founder and managing partner of uniboard AG, one of Switzerland’s largest student platforms with over 72k users. Andreas is one of the most down-to-earth people I know and with his work at Uniboard helped thousands of students to successfully pass their degrees. His motto is "Studying together is better"!
In our conversation we talk about how Andreas and his co-founder Malte grew uniboard to its current size, community building, winning customers, favorite movies, smelling car waxes and other fun stuff.

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Show notes:
02:59 -- Who is Andreas
04:13 -- How the uniboard.ch got started
06:53 -- How Andreas made the decision to run uniboard full-time
09:06 -- Growth of Uniboard in Switzerland
10:38 -- Startup vs. Traditional career in Management consulting
15:22 -- Lessons from community building and marketing
19:05 -- Thoughts about monetization of a platform
22:25 -- Challenges and learnings from switching from a student organization to a startup
24:23 -- General challenges of the startup world and how to overcome them (focus on product & focus on sales)
29:08 -- Tips for Selling, building trust, and winning customers
34:04 -- Future goals of Uniboard
35:58 -- Andreas’ favorite book or story
38:20 -- Unique interesting hobbies of Andreas
40:44 -- Personal advisory board
43:45 -- Advice to younger self / listeners in their early 20s/30s
46:35 -- Unjustified fears of entrepreneurship
48:05 -- What does courage mean for Andreas

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