Episode 8

Andri Silberschmidt - The 25 year old that sells poké bowls, manages an equity fund, and runs for national parliament


October 2nd, 2019

47 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Andri Silberschmidt (@andrisilbi) is a 25 years old rising star here in Switzerland. He is a food entrepreneur, equity investor, and politician. At the age of fifteen, he began his banking education and is now responsible at Swisscanto Invest for the management of all quantitative equity funds investing in developing countries. In the summer of 2017, Andri and some of his friends founded kaisin. , a Poké Bowl restaurant and catering chain.
He has been politically active since 2011 and became president of the "Jungfreisinnige Partei" of Switzerland in 2016. Recently he was elected to the Parliament of the City of Zurich for the FDP and is now on the list of the FDP Canton of Zurich for the National Council elections in October 2019.

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Show notes:
02:14 -- Who is Andri Silberschmidt
03:14 -- How Andri started his career and got into entrepreneurship by starting a Poké Bowl restaurant
05:40 -- Opening a restaurant business without outside capital
06:53 -- How Andri started kaisin. & pitched his idea
10:10 -- Andri’s note taking app
10:34 -- Recommended resources & books for starting a business
11:44 -- Expansion plans of kaisin.
13:26 -- How kaisin. launched and promoted their store with little resources
16:04 -- How Andri balances his time and energy between all the different commitments. Why sleep is so important.
20:12 -- Andri’s involvement with “TeamStartup” to foster entrepreneurship in Switzerland
23:23 -- Challenges of entrepreneurship in Switzerland
28:02 -- Andri’s learnings from his startup experience
31:54 -- Book recommendations
35:11 -- Andri’s best investment
37:29 -- Andri’s “hobby”
39:03 -- Andri’s personal advisory board
41:37 -- Andri’s message to the world - "Respect, Create, Enjoy"
44:24 -- What does courage mean to Andri?

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