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Mathias Ockenfels - How to start a career in Venture Capital, from Analyst to Partner at a leading VC firm, Online Marketplaces, and Speedinvest

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Mathias (@ockenrock) eats and breathes marketplaces. He is a partner at Speedinvest, one of Europe’s leading Venture Capital funds. The fund has it’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria and just recently raised its latest fund of €190m. Mathias runs Speedinvest x, a focus fund investing into network effects and marketplaces.

Previously he was a General Manager for the German market at Uniplaces, an international marketplace for student accommodation. Before that, Mathias built out the marketplace-practice at Berlin-based Point Nine Capital, an early stage fund focusing on SaaS and marketplaces, where he was a Principal for 4 years. Previously, Mathias led the M&A-department of Ricardo Group, then a subsidiary of South African Naspers, that operates several online marketplace, classifieds and auction businesses across Europe. Earlier, he started his career as an Investment Manager at Mountain Partners in Zurich where he lead early stage investments in companies such as Lieferando or reBuy.

Mathias holds a German-French double-diploma from European School of Business Reutlingen and Neoma Business School Reims. Knowing Germany’s capital city like the back of his hand, Mathias now leads Speedinvest's Berlin office as a Partner at Speedinvest x.

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Show notes:

  • 03:08 -- Who is Mathias Ockenfels
  • 04:40 -- How Mathias got interested in the Venture Capital industry and how he landed his first job in VC
  • 08:44 -- Tips for getting a job in Venture Capital
  • 13:56 -- What are the most important skills and abilities to work in VC
  • 16:30 -- Mathias’ path from Analyst to Partner at a VC firm
  • 22:27 -- Intro to Speedinvest and what kind of companies Mathias is interested in and is investing in
  • 25:51 -- Key investment criteria to get an investment from Mathias / Speedinvest
  • 28:48 -- Books and Resources for (aspiring) entrepreneurs and VCs
  • 31:55 -- Mathias’ best financial and personal investment
  • 33:28 -- Advice to younger self / someone starting out their career
  • 35:23 -- Mathias’ favorite books and movies
  • 37:23 -- What does courage mean to Mathias

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